Siumach is the capital of Machken. It was founded by Haman when he came upon the land of Machken. For a whole two days, the town was known as Haman Town, but was soon renamed to Siumach by Machna.

Siumach used to house The Mach and all its people. But as the population grew, they had to expand to other places, like Mayhust. Now, Siumach is mostly inhabited by the Demachnor, the people that process the resources coming from Gerlenia Mountains, and other civilians. The Mach lives in Fort Kassamach.

The Machken Games are also held in and around Siumach, and people from around Machken flock to the capital around the time this yearly event is held. Next from the Demachnor and the Machken Games, there is one more interest in Siumach: The public execution of perpetrators. This event also gathers a lot of attention from the people and usually boosts morale. Apart from that, there is nothing else in Siumach and it is like any other town, with pubs.

Siumach is the only town that has an inn, as there are rarely any travelers in Machken. As any other town in Machken, there is no marketplace since the whole market is controlled by The Mach and there is no trade with the foreign counties.


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