Machna is the god that protects Machken. Machna is known as the god of the fish, though his powers are supposedly greater than his title implies. It is said that he once cured hundreds of Humans and lifted the land of Machken from the sea. Why Machna allows his people to eat fish, despite him being the god of the fish, is unknown…

Machna is typically only known in Machken and has little to no influence in other parts of the world. Despite that, the people of Machken believe fully in Machna and are completely devoted to them, willing to spend their own lives for their god. Luckily, Machna is a rather passive god and has never asked the life of anyone.

The normal people cannot communicate with Machna. There is only one person who can communicate with Machna and follow his command. The person who’s able to do this is called The Mach and is the sole leader of Machken. According to the tales, Machna communicates with The Mach via a beautiful mermaid, who’s said to visit near the Mermaid Statue.

The Mach has the absolute word in Machken and everyone listens to The Mach, as the word of The Mach is the word of Machna. The very first Mach was Haman. His title was not simply a count, but rather Konmach, which means “The first servant to and messenger of Machna.” The first son of The Mach will be the next Mach and will be named by Machna. The titles of The Mach are as follows.

  1. Konmach ( = First messenger)
  2. Pitmach ( = Second messenger)
  3. Rolmach ( = Third messenger)
  4. Filmach ( = Fourth messenger)
  5. Tebmach ( = Fifth messenger)
  6. Slomach ( = Sixth messenger)
  7. Rihmach ( = Seventh messenger)
  8. Wetmach ( = Eighth messenger)
  9. Hakmach ( = Ninth messenger)

The current messenger is Count Destin Rihmach


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