County in the nord-east of Westonia ruled by Ida Rildunov
Kilduran is a desolate coutry.
You can cross the whole county and not meet a soul.
This is because Kilduran is populated by dwarfs and everyone lives underground

The nord of kilduran is filled with woods. Endless woods. There are barely any roads.
The middle and south of kilduran is a dry and desolate place. Due to erosion almost the whole county excist of a network of canyons. Some of them still have water on the bottom, others are dry. Its almost impossible to live or travel through this area above the ground.
Therefor almost al the inhabitants of Kilduran live underground. They live in complex tunnel systems with cities and villages.

The southborder is marked by the river which seperates the desert of The Flats and the canyons of Kilduran

Population: x Dwarfs (90%), Gnomes (5%), Kobolds (2%), Humans (1%), Elves (1%), Orcs (1%)
In the north in the woods al kinds of creatures are living. For sure there are some humans there, but they live close to the main road. There are stories about elves and orcs. Not seen together of course. Under the ground the dwarfs, gnomes and kobolds live.


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