Khustinia is the second province of Machken, founded by Khustin Pitmach. Khustinia was first the province of Chadiggu until Khustin completely took it over, making the province actually useful, bringing work and food to the people. Khustinia was later split into two by Medlon, making the southern half Medlonia.

Khustinia is mostly the group of islands north and east of Machken, plus a part of mainland. It’s the home of the work and food for the people, using the Khustinia Islands for agriculture.



Flora in Khustinia

  • Tall Grass
  • Mushrooms
  • Bamboo
  • Khin
  • Gellen

Fauna in Khustinia

  • Fish
  • Alpha
  • Hehr
  • Deer
  • Bears

Khustinia Islands

The Khustinia Islands count a total of 36 islands. Adding the 10 Hethrenia Islands brings it to a total of 46 islands in Khustinia. The Khustinia Islands are mostly used for work and lodging of the workers, as they can’t come from and to Mayhust daily, since the distance between hometown and workplace is too great. All of the Khustinia Islands are roughly the same, only having different crops on different islands.

The workers of Khustinia Islands often do strength games, akin to the Machken Games, only more for fun. They do that to keep the morale high, so that they won’t get bored by the work. All the workers are a united bunch, as they all share one common interest, to get accepted to the Demachnor.


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