Kannes is also known as the soldier’s town, as it is the town where a huge part of the soldiers of the army of Machken, and their families, reside. They are there to protect the borders from any impending doom from The Flats ever since the attack from 510, when the village was founded by Medlon Rolmach.

Anyone who enters Kannes needs to prove themselves to be harmless and trustworthy, or else they will be banned from the town, or in the worst case, ritually executed. Because of this, not even civilians that don’t belong there dare to enter Kannes. The soldiers that live in Kannes are stationed around the borders, most of the time, where they usually camp for several days until someone takes over their shift.

The soldiers are very open toward one another, but if you come there as an outsider, don’t expect anyone to talk to you. There is a lot of secret information circling within Kannes, and the soldiers do not want to risk any of that information leaking out to an outsider.

Apart from the fact that it houses many soldiers, there isn’t anything notable about Kannes. As with any other town in Machken, it doesn’t have an inn or a marketplace.


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