Hierarchy in <unnamed> Kingdom

Rank No. in kingdom No. of underlings Rank from low to high
Serf ~100.000 0
Free man ~400.000 0
Knight 4.500-10.000 Depends on countship
Count 30-40 >10.000 PC’s
Duke 5 ~100.000
King 1 All(=~500.000)

The King rules all, but delegates through his 5 Dukes. These Dukes have 5 till 10 Counts loyal to them, each. The Counts rule a number of knights, who fight for their lord and can also help in the rule of the Countship (depends on Countship). The count also rule some 2.000 Serfs, who are bound in the service to their lord. Also are there Free men living in this Kingdom. Although a Count is not able to directly command these Free men, they are forced to obey the laws set by the Count (or Duke or King).

Player information:

You will all start as Counts to the same Duke. This Duke has 7 Counts and is fair in rule. More information will follow.
See: List of Countships


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