The town of Hall was created by Luithan Tebmach during the great split in the Hethren period (522 – 537). It was created to ease the people who started battling among each other over whether to follow The Mach or not. Hall stands in the southeast of Medlonia

The opponents of The Mach were positioned in Hall to separate them from the proponents. This means that you find the least religious people in Hall, giving it also the most relaxed atmosphere in all of Machken. This means that people are generally more open to foreigners in Hall.

Hall has the most diversity of all towns in Machken. Some foreigners who simply liked the atmosphere decided to stay in Hall, though the number is very few, as Machken in general is not nice to foreigners. It might be a coincidence or not, but in comparison to its counterpart, Akkun, Hall is much less thriving.

Luithan eventually decided to build a bridge between the two towns to unite them so that Machken doesn’t get split in two. Luithan himself went on a journey and promised that by his actions, the people of Akkun and Hall will feel as united as the bridge that connects them. When the bridge was finished, the people cheered and got together again, though there is still a small divide between the two. This bridge is the start of the creation of the Luithania Bridges.

Just like any other town, Hall does not have an inn or a marketplace.


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