Character Creation Rules


  • Starting level: 1
  • Stats: point buy 25
  • Starting Equipment: No magic items and ‘Fair Use’ policy :P
  • Material: Any core material plus other official 3.5 material (DM discretion)

Variants & Specific Rules

  • We are using the D&D 3.5 E6 variant Basically this means you will never advance beyond level 6, except for gaining more feats. The same goes for NPC characters. Due to this some monsters are now extremely dangerous and powerful, but are less common than they would be in an ordinary game of D&D.

Character History

Your own land

Your character is of noble blood and owns some kind of area, whether this is a city, a mountain range or prosperous farmers lands. You can use the following rules & guidelines to create your own area. Of course all ‘rules’ can be talked about with the DM.


  • The total inhabitants of the area should not exceed 10000.
  • Your people and yourself are subjects to King Royalty, the ultimate leader of the land, and Duke Ulrich, the Duke that rules over you. (On the Hierarchy page, you can see were you stand in this country.)

Guidelines & Tips

As an example you can take any of the Forgotten Realms lands. For example Amn. Below is a list that can guide you through creating your own land

  1. Find a fitting name for both your lands and your family.
  2. Choose a concept (ex. Samurai) and change some basic things.
  1. Describe what races occupy the area and in what percentages
  2. Describe the government: Of course combinations can be made. (More on Forms of Government)
  3. Describe your area : Different biomes, lay of the land, defendability, main roads, named regions, towns, etc.
  4. Describe the sources of wealth: (ex. overland trade, sea trade, mining, farming..)
  5. Describe the alignment: What different alignments are commonly represented..
  6. Describe the religion: In which gods do the people believe (GM’s Note: I’d like to keep the number of Gods, and thus religions limited, so please contact me if you have an idea for a religion. A List of Gods is also present.)
  7. Describe the defenses: is there an army? Who are the strongest NPCs? What weapons are used? What tactics?
  8. Describe the language: (in percentages what languages are spoken) Is there a common dialect? Are racial languages spoken, or banned? Are there specific words/terms unique to your area?


Whether related to your land, or just to your person, you’re bound to know people. Write about the most important people in your life

Tips & Guidelines

  1. Find a good name
  2. It might help to find some kind of picture (anime or TV-series can often be a good source)
  3. Describe his/her alignment
  4. What race is he/she?
  5. Describe whatever you know of class choices (You may not know all or guess incorrectly)
  6. Describe what the person means to you (enemy, friend, father, etc)
  7. Describe how you met the person (your commander, at birth, in a bar)
  8. Describe what you did together, what you mean to each other.

Your Character

Of course it is also important to know who you are. Any specific quirks? Any strange attitudes? Secrets? Special abilities? Character Flaws? Vices?

P.S. Things you don’t want other players to know, can be sent to the DM. Discretion guaranteed

Tips & Guidelines

  • It often helped me to start with a list of ‘character traits’. A character trait can be anything from fear of water to being able to spit fire. It might also be a deformity or some sort of divine guidance. Even just that your character has a good feeling for horses. Write whatever you can think of that fits your character.
  • If you feel up to it you can write 1 or more pages of history, detailing exactly how you grew up, who you met and what you did. In this process I often think of more ‘character traits’ to add to the list and get a clearer picture of who my character really is.
  • Set up a timeline so you know how old your character was when s/he did certain things. This can be really handy in making sense of what you wrote in your history, as well as a quick reference on what you did.
  • If you feel like you don’t have a lot of ideas, don’t hesitate to copy a character from a book, movie or anime. You will always change him/her to your liking, adjust the concept to the campaign, adjust it for a class and after you start playing it will be a fully unique character in all ways that count.

Character Creation Rules

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