Map markers

  • Capital: Fort Wilderness
  • Population: x (Gnomes (5%), Elves (1%), Half-Elves (2%), Humans (93%))
  • Government: County
  • Religions: x
  • Imports: iron, masterwork tools, masterwork weapons, gold, exotic (elven) goods, magic items
  • Exports: rice, grains,olive oil, tropical fruits and vegetables, furs, silk, spices, exotic pets, lifestock, tropical wood

Agarlon is the youngest County of Westonia. It is also the largest in size, stretching from the County of Antica, past Goldberg and Köfering deeply into The Wilds. It has several Watches to protect it’s inhabitants from the dangers of the large jungle.

Notable Places


  • Lake of Endless Mists: This crator lake is an old Caldera Vulcano. North of it the hills and mountains are higher and provide rain water to the lands that eventually fill the lake and stream down in the river. The lake is always shrouded in a thick layer of mist. Nobody knows exactly how deep it is, but numerous tunnels and holes have been found that go deeper than any man can dive. It is rumored the lake hides the treasures of ancient civilizations that have been buried by the eruption of the vulcano.
  • Forbidden Hills: These hills are the border of the county. When in the past these hills where reached in the cutting process, there were plans to continue. But the Elves came in large numbers and were very adapt at protecting the hills. A truce was formed and it was accepted that the Hills were forbidden to the humans, being a sacred border for the Elves. Some daring adventurers have explored the hills and some who return tell tales of fantastic Elven cities.
  • Border Hills: The southern border of Agarlon are the foothills of the Dwarven mountains beyond. They are inhabited by gnomes and olive farmers, as part of the hills are also known as the Olive Hills.
  • Boiling Marshes: These dangerous marshes lie west of the Lake of Endless Mists and are a natural border that not many have crossed alive. Due to it’s unnatural warmth and wet climate, many strange and magical creatures reside here. Both Feytown Watch and Boiling Watch have had numerous incidents with the swamp dwellers.
  • Forgotten Swamps: These swamps lie in the most south-eastern part of Agarlon and are mostly uninhabited. They have always been a natural border between the Wilds and the east of Westonia, and continue to be. Travel through it is almost impossible (although there is one dangerous route), and most people prefer to travel by river or through the Wild Road to get to Agarlon.
  • Color Jungle: Part of the north of Agarlon remains jungle even today, although it has been thinned for the wood export. Recent laws protect these beautiful and unique wilds that harbor all kinds of unique wildlife and plants.
  • Salt Beach: The southern tip of Agarlon is it’s only beach and port to the sea. It is mostly a recreational beach, but some seafood and salt are harvest as well.
  • Olive Hills: Actually a part of the Border Hills, it gained it’s specific name for the huge olive plantations that scatter across these hillsides. They are responsible for the production and export of olive oil.
  • Valley of Mists: The mists of the Lake of Endless Mists are often driven north by the warm southern winds. This gives the Valley of Mists, that surrounds Fort Wilderness and the surrounding area, not only warmth, but also water. That combined with the heat trap the mountains provide, gives the valley an unique microclimate that makes the valley the most vertile area of Westonia. It is also covered in old magma and lava, creating numerous streams and vertile zones. The valley and the Color Jungle beyond have the most diverse vegitation recorded in Westonia.
  • West Valley: The area between the Lake of Endless Mists and the Forgotten Swamps is known as the Valley of plenty. Many small and large landowners are trying their fortune here, either producing their own food (like rice, grains and even livestock) or are searching the nearby jungle for food, furs and other exotic goods.

Cities & Towns

  • Fort Wilderness: The capital city of Agarlon is originally a military fort. It grew into a city as it was left farther and farther behind as the border grew north and eventually it’s defending task was overtaken by North Watch. It has remained the center of the country in terms of rulership, and it still holds the house of the Count of Agarlon.
  • Cutterville: Another town established by ex-cons who earned their freedom. It is still responsible for most of the export of exotic wood, although it has suffered from the recent laws on chopping limits.
  • Mist Town: Formerly this town was created by ex-cons who earned their freedom by chopping down trees in the jungle. It has grown into a semi-respectable town. The nearby lands have a lot of rice
  • East Watch: East watch is the oldest watch and has become obsolete, it’s task overtaken by Out Watch. Therefore it has grown into a semi-large trading town, boasting several inns, trading guilds. It is also well-known as a caravan stop to and from Schönberg.
  • Sea Watch: A favorite vacation spot for any who like to travel a bit further for their vacation. It offers beautiful weather, skyblue water and golden beaches. Closeby are also the Olive Hills, where the county’s olive oil is produced.
  • Burrowdeep: The gnome town inside the Olive Hills.


The Watches were established to protect the land, and most still do, but some have little to fear and have turned partly or wholly into villages and towns. Most still have a high number of soldiers and still keep regular patrols along the borders.

  • Salt Watch: newly established after more of the jungle was cut back near Sea Watch. Mostly it’s peaceful and soldiers established here take frequent visits at Sea Watch to enjoy a free day.
  • Trade Watch: On the road bbetween Sea Watch and West Watch, trade watch usually has little to do and guards the Road and it’s surrounding (mostly deserted) area. It has grown to a town with some farmers and tradesmen and even boasts it’s own Inn.
  • Feytown Watch: Just south of the Boiling Marshes lies Feytown Watch. It’s name is due to the high population of Elves in the area. The watch itself trades with the Elven natives and it has the highest population of Elves and Half-Elves.
  • Boiling Watch: Possibly the worst Watch to be assigned to. It’s just a bit higher than the swamp itself, having a grand view of the Boiling Marshes and the Lake of Endless Mists. It protects the borders from the strange and often dangerous creatures living in the marches and bogs.
  • North Watch: The northernmost establishment in the County. It has a favorable position on a higher hill, watching the surrounding area and a large part of the Forbidden Hills.
  • Out Watch: The newest watch, recently established inside the jungle. It suffers the most from the natives who want the new soldier activity gone out of their lands.
  • West Watch: It is one of the four old watches and now has a task mostly to protect the borders of Goldberg and the road to Sea Watch. Soldiers stationed here make frequent visits to whorehouses in Goldberg, although they may mutter about the prices. Although it is technically still a military watch, it has grown into a town, where many of the rural citizens meet and trade.

Major Routes & Roads


Agarlon is the largest County of Westonia.


In the north it is bordered by the Forbidden Hills and behind them the Peaks of No Return. In the west the jungles of The Wilds stretch out endlessly and borders are ever-expanding. The Boiling Marshes are a place deemed ‘unfit for humans’ and are a natural border west of the Lake of Endless Mists. In the south the Border Hills is the end of County, with behind them the mountain ranges of Antica. In the East Goldberg, the Forgotten Swamps and the old border between Köfering and what used to be the start of The Wilds make up solid boundaries.


Agarlon lies mostly in a tropical climate. Especially north of the river and the lake the climate is very stable and a lot of food is grown all year round. South of the river the climate is a little hotter, giving way to a slightly different vegitation. Near the Border Hills the Forgotten Swamps are very humid and hot, and near the Sea is a favorite holiday spot for it’s warmth combined with the water and beaches.


Before Agarlon

For thousands of years the county now known as Agarlon has been a dense jungle. According to the Elves it has been their territory for well over 3000 years. It is also said that there used to be an ancient race of Yuan-Ti that have ruled a large part of The Wilds and parts of Westonia in some distant past.

Birth of Agarlon

58 years ago General Agustov Crotalin (27) and Kolonel Jermini Goldberg (42) were asked by the Duke of Westonia to take soldiers and prisoners to expand the territory of the Westonia into the Wilds.

The operation turned out to be succesful and after just one year East Watch, Fort Goldberg and Fort Wilderness were created. Around the two Forts the area was cleared of trees and the exotic wood was brought downstream to Schönberg in the year after.

Considering the procedings succesful the Duke sent even more soldiers and prisoners to speed up things and the jungle was cut back relentlessly for several years.

During this same time both forts grew. Not only the families of both soldiers and prisoners joined their spouses up north, but many other adventurers, eager for the promise of wealth, joined as payed laborers.

In 3 years the prisoners revolted, telling the general and the duke that they had worked hard to pay their debt to the country and that they should be able to work on the New Lands as free men. Shortly after, mostly by the efforts of prisoner Terry Blackborn, the prisoners were declared free and were even alloted a place to built their own town, which later became known as Mist Town.

About a decade later Kolonel Jermini Goldberg decided it was his time to retire from the military. For his honorable duties, the Duke rewarded him and his future generations the lands now known as Goldberg.

In the meanwhile general Agustov Crotalin had his hands full at the rebelling Elves and had to install different Watches to keep the peace. After a big struggle on the foothills that are now known as the Forbidden Hills, it was decided with the Elves that Westonia would cease to take the jungle in the north.

Instead work was moved south of the Lake. Swamp Watch and Feytown Watch were established to protect the workers from the horros of the Boiling Marshes, while work was continued south of Mist Town, which became an established trading post for the shipping of wood. This work continued while the area around Fort Wilderness and East Watch was cultivated and made into arable fields.

This work was still in progress when suddenly Agustov Crotalin died of an exotic disease. His eldest son, Lieutenant Rosto Crotalin took over his father’s position. He blamed the Elven Druids for his father’s death and created a decree that all Druids were to be burned and quartered. The Duke, moved by the death of his general, decided that all the New Lands, except for Goldberg would now fall to the heir of Agustov Crotalin, making Rosto a Count.

Rosto turned out to be a not too perfect leader. He wanted revenge against the Elves and doubled the amount of soldiers at the Watches, and also organized raids into the jungle. The fighting was fierce and the losses great. He also made life for the prisoners in Mist Town hard, saying they were lazy and did not deserve such a good trading town without actually doing something for it. Eventually Rosto was murdered at 31 by a prisoner named Lagor Finjar. He managed to flee into The Wilds and has never been seen since.

After Rusto was murdered their was a short civil unrest, as Rusto had no children, but that question was quickly put down by the Duke, who gave rulership to Rusto’s younger sister, Lifia Crotalin.

Lifia managed to calm the people and revert some of the changes done by Rosto. She did not, however, revert the death penalty to druids, since she too had a deep hatred to the murderers of her father. Lifia was already married at the time with Dave Suntherhouse, but retained her family name as honorific for their family. Their two sons got their grandfather’s surname.

The country prospered. Lifia put a halt to most of the cutting and made the Color Jungle a protected zone, where the wildlife could not be hunted and the plants could not be damaged under penalty of death. In the south she let the cuttings continue at a slower pace and put her effort into creating minor nobles to control the growing number of farmers, hunters and other rural folk. She decided to give out the title of Landlord to any man who could prove he had 100 or more men following him. Initially 12 Landlords were granted the title and a piece of the lands of Agarlon.

When Lifia found her two sons mature enough, and her oldest son, Midas Crotalin, had taken a wife and produced an heir (Lord Seth Crotalin), she decided to promote her two sons to the new title of Grand Landlord. She sent Midas south to take care of the lands below waters, and she sent her other son, Cole Crotalin east, to manage East Watch and it’s surrounding areas.

In the next years Midas Crotalin decided to cut a route to the sea and claim the Border Hills next to Antica as lands of Agarlon. He enjoyed the sea air and the golden beaches so much he came less and less to Fort Wilderness and his woman and child. He established Trade Watch and Sea Watch.

Cole Crotalin took the opportunity to establish himself as major of East Watch and took control of the growing trading village and the surrounding lands. He also decided to build Out Watch to patrol his borders with The Wilds.

In the meanwhile Lord Seth Crotalin, oldest son of Midas Crotalin was growing up with his mother and sister, under the tutorship of his grandmother. When his grandmother, Lifia Crotalin died at 53, his father Midas Crotalin rushed home to take up the title of Count. It soon became apparant that he had found another wife down south and although he still recognized his firstborn as the future ruler, he hardly ever made time for 13-year-old Seth. Instead he assigned a tutor, Content Not Found: irgamus-trollcatcher, to educate Seth.

Midas ruled Agarlon for his own pleasure. He wasted money, drank the cellars of good wine and gave a lot of parties. Amongst the nobility he was a favorite, but that came off the backs of the common folk. He took different women to his bed and let it be sport to find the most exotic creatures and to bring back their hides or let them be shown caged to the nobles. The old Crotalin Manor was not to his tastes and he let a new palace be built. Eventually he drank himself in a stupor and died at the age of 38. (Poison was never ruled out entirely).

At this point Lord Seth Crotalin, now 16 years old, was tasked with the leadership of the whole County. He was assisted by his tutor Iragmus, who became known as his advisor. Luckily for the people Seth turned out to be an intelligent boy who held his grandmother and great-grandfather’s code of honor high and despised his own father for what was done to the country. With help of diplomat Lord Griffon, a good friend and student of his grandmother. Although Lord Griffon and Irgamus don’t get along very well, Seth listens to both and manages to get the country back on track.

Ruling Family Tree

  • 531: General Agustov Crotalin (510-559) x Niffy Portal (515-570)
    • Lieutenant Rosto Crotalin (532-563)
    • Lifia Crotalin (535-588)
  • 552: Lifia Crotalin x Lieutenant Dave Suntherhouse (532-560)
    • Midas Crotalin (553-591)
    • Cole Crotalin (555-present)
  • 575: Midas Crotalin x Tifa von Kaskel (558-present)
    • Seth Crotalin (575-present)



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