Count Destin Rihmach

Destin Rihmach is the count of Machken


Destin Rihmach is a 25-year-old Human Cleric and is the count of Machken. His father was Gerlen Slomach, the previous count of Machken. He has a wife, named Alenia, who is pregnant with their son. Destin serves his god, Machna.

Destin is a stern man who doesn’t open up easily. He has a few trust issues, only able to trust his own people in Machken. But Destin also feels a calling to help people in need, so he often reluctantly goes to help them. Furthermore, he knows when he’s supposed to be subservient, so under the command of Duke Ulrich, he goes along with the group.

Back at home in Machken, Destin is worshiped as the Seventh Messenger of Machna, and people have a high respect for him. If anyone as much dares as oppose Destin in Machken, they will get ritually executed in the capital, Siumach.

Destin has long-ish red hair, akin to his forefather, Haman Konmach. He also has small green-brown eyes that are mostly in a stern frown. Furthermore, Destin has a relatively wide body, very much like a Viking, but isn’t exactly the tallest.


Count Destin Rihmach

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